Your Flight to Freedom Needs a Co-Pilot

Shlomo Hamelech’s famously says: “Two are better than one… for if they fall, they can lift each other up.” (Koheles 4:9-10) On the journey to break free from pornography and masturbation (P&M), having a co-pilot – someone who understands your struggle – can be the difference between a bumpy flight and a smooth ascent.

Why a Co-Pilot Matters

The early stages of change can be turbulent. Working alone can feel overwhelming and isolating. Here’s why having a co-pilot makes your journey easier:

  • Relief From the Burden: Carrying the secret of your struggle is lonely. Talking openly with another person who’s been there brings a tremendous sense of relief. As one member shared, “Finally sharing the real me was scary, but the relief was worth it. I don’t feel alone anymore!”
  • Staying on Track: We all need accountability. Knowing someone is checking in on your progress keeps you motivated to reach your goals.
  • Boosted Confidence: Hearing another person’s success story, and having someone believe in you, fuels your own determination to succeed. One member confided, “After talking to my co-pilot, who is now 2 years clean, my doubts melted away. He believed I could do it, and he was right!”

A Co-Pilot’s Role

Here are just a few ways a co-pilot can support you:

  • Regular Check-Ins: Daily or weekly updates keep you accountable, and provide space to celebrate victories and discuss challenges.
  • Learning Partner: Work on the course together, practicing the tools side-by-side for extra motivation.
  • Emergency Support: When facing a strong urge, reach out to your co-pilot for help. It’s like your personal “fire” alarm!
  • “Bookending” High-Risk Situations: Before and after unavoidable exposure to unfiltered devices, connect with your co-pilot to discuss your plan and recap how you managed.

Finding Your Co-Pilot

Guard Your Eyes (GYE) offers ways to connect with others for support. Here’s what to look for once you’ve registered:

  • Partner Program: Get matched with a co-pilot with similar struggles and goals.
  • Forum: Share your journey anonymously with a supportive online community.

Ready to Take Off?

GYE isn’t just about information, it’s about giving you the tools and support to reach lasting freedom. Register today to start building your support network, and make your Flight to Freedom a success!