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Our Toolbox offers more than 20 dynamic tools, expertly designed to boost motivation, manage urges, rebound from setbacks, maintain consistency, and address emotions potentially leading to relapses.


Our flagship program, The Flight to Freedom, offers a unique blend of engaging and impactful videos, with everything you need to know about breaking free. It’s designed to help you identify your immediate next steps and arms you with practical strategies, paving your path towards long-term freedom.

Daily Tracking

Our Daily Tracking enhances self-monitoring and offers pattern insights for rapid personal growth. To add a layer of healthy competition, our 90-day chart allows you to compare your progress with others.


When an urge strikes, our SOS feature provides instant relief. It includes Yossele, your 24/6 AI companion, offering personalized strategies to triumph over temptations. Yossele is a supportive, witty ally in your journey towards self-control and freedom


The forum connects thousands of people facing similar challenges, offering support and empowerment through shared experiences.

Endorsed by Leading Rabbonim & Experts

GuardYourEyes is saving lives and families. GYE has a wonderful network of support which is the most important ingredient in overcoming addiction.

Rabbi Abraham J. Twersky, MD

Founder of Gateway Rehab

Guard Your Eyes has successfully helped to wean thousands from pornography addiction. It’s actually the only weapon we have at our disposal.

Rabbi Aharon Feldman

Mo’etzes Gedolei HaTorah of America

Everyone should know about GYE. They are savings neshamot. They are definitely messengers from the creator to help this generation.

Rabbi Eli Mansour

Rav of Congregation Bet Yaakob, Brooklyn

This is a wonderful organization and I can’t endorse this program strongly enough. There’s an incredibly practical online interface informed by the most sophisticated information in neuroscience, in terms of behavior psychology which is incredibly effective.

Dr. David Pelcovitz

Professor of Education & Psychology, YU

GYE is a big chizuk for Klal Yisrael.

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky

Rosh Yeshiva – Talmudical Yeshiva, Philadelphia

GYE’s vision, dedication, and single-minded devotion to increase kedusha in klal yisrael, is breathtaking to watch from close.

Rabbi Elya Brudny

Rosh Yeshiva – Mir, Brooklyn

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a fee for using GYE?

Absolutely not, GYE operates as a non-profit organization. Due to the generosity of our donors, we can offer our programs and tools for free. We believe in providing accessible resources for everyone who needs help.

How does GYE safeguard my anonymity?

GYE has a strong commitment to privacy. We never share your user information with third parties and maintain the highest standards of data security. During registration, you only need to provide an active email address. You’re also invited to create a pseudonym for your username to further ensure your anonymity.

Is GYE a substitute for professional therapy?

No, GYE’s programs are designed to be informative and supportive, not therapeutic. We are mindful of our role and highly recommend people seeking treatment to reach out to a psychologist or an appropriate professional. Our programs can serve as a valuable supplement to professional therapy, offering high-quality training based on latest research, advanced technology, and the chance to receive anonymous support from others in similar situations.

Does GYE base its programs on any theoretical frameworks or scientific research?

Absolutely, GYE’s approach incorporates the most advanced science, including research papers up to 2022, and utilizes proven methodologies like the Stages of Change Model, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

I used to fall multiple times a day, and with the help of GYE I’m clean now for 6 months straight. Not only that, but also my relationship with my wife has improved immeasurably. My first 6-7 years of marriage were VERY rocky. But, since I started working the GYE program, my wife noticed the change in me before I even let her know that I was working on things. A few nights ago my wife told me that this past anniversary was the first time that she didn’t wonder if it would be our last.


185 clean days

Since I joined GYE a year ago, I am a completely different person: no schmutz, new job, saying a daf shiur, exercising, and lost almost 20 pounds. When we made the siyum on eruvin and I started saying the hadran, I had to hold myself back from crying. I wouldn’t have accomplished any of this had I not started with GYE.


383 clean days

I would beat myself up to no end, apologize to Hashem, and try not to be alone with the computer. Nothing worked. One day I was so desperate that I entered a prayer to Hashem into the Google search bar. And then I saw GYE come up. It was nothing short of a small miracle. Since then Hashem has entered my life in a way more real than I could have ever imagined. This struggle ended up being a blessing in disguise. Thank you Hashem. Thank you GYE. You are my lifeline, the ground under my feet.


92 clean days

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