Complete Anonymity

For many, joining a group is a frightening step that raises many concerns: “Who will I meet there? What will happen if people find out that I am part of such a group?”

The thought of walking into a new and unfamiliar environment can trigger serious insecurities.

These fear are absolutely normal. We all had to overcome them, and we understand how hard it can be to get out of our comfort zone and make the jump.

But, our experience has shown that there is nothing real to fear. Once we show up, we find that the groups are a friendly, accepting, non-threatening environment that we easily connect with. For the first time in our lives we can be ourselves without putting on any masks and without hiding. We can share our secrets and get support from people who are in the same boat as us and really understand us.

We discover that the groups are a real safe environment. Whatever is shared in the group, remains in the group. Who attends our groups is never shared with outsiders. It’s unheard of that members leak information about who else is in our fellowship to outsiders. If someone was to share this information with outsiders, they would have to divulge that they themselves attend as well.

The fear of possibly meeting someone you know at a group usually disappears after a few minutes, when we see that no one in the group is a threat. We’ve joined a group of serious people who are all just trying to overcome their porn problem and live life better. In many ways, we feel it’s a real honor to be part of such a special group.

Furthermore, the groups themselves are completely anonymous. We only use our first names in the groups (no one shares their last name).

It’s expected to feel discomfort about joining, but if we weigh the costs and benefits objectively, we see it’s in our best interest.

If we don’t join a group, chances are we’ll just continue to suffer. There are many real dangers in not joining a group.

If we find the courage to walk through our fears, we will find ourselves in a better place and on the path to the recovery and freedom we really want and need.